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Courtroom Skills Training

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£850+vat for a group of 12

What does Courtroom Skills training cover?

The day starts with removing the mystique which can surround courtroom processes. You’ll learn about the various roles of everyone involved as well as how to take the oath and deal with cross-examinations. Other areas covered include:

  •  Understanding the adversarial process
  • The practice and procedure of giving evidence
  • Preparing to give evidence
  • ‘Hot-tubbing’ of expert evidence
  • The role and purpose of evidence-in-chief, cross-examination and re-examination
  • Coping strategies
  • The ‘Ten Golden Rules’

As defence lawyers often focus on decisions made by investigators and managers, the course also includes guidance on making decisions and recording the thinking behind them. You’ll end the course by undergoing or observing a simulated cross-examination exercise so you’ll know what to expect in the courtroom

Who should attend Courtroom Skills training?

 The training will meet the needs of professional and expert witnesses who are to appear in courtrooms, tribunals or misconduct hearings. You’ll also benefit from the course if you are one of the following:

  • Police, military or public sector investigator
  • Police analyst
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Investigator
  • Social worker
  • Child care practitioner
  • Human resources professionals

How can Courtroom Skills training help you?

The Courtroom Skills training course prepares you for giving evidence as an expert witness. The course is an intensive, highly practical and experiential form of giving evidence training and can be adapted to meet your needs. It will help you if you need to provide expert evidence in court or at a tribunal or hearing. Witness familiarisation is an essential step for those unfamiliar with the courtroom. You will learn how to make the right impression straight away by being prepared and organised. You’ll understand the importance of being familiar with the evidence to be presented and how to explain and justify investigative decisions or expert opinions under cross-examination. Lancashire Courtroom Skills training is delivered by Michael Williams, a practising barrister. You will benefit from his many years of experience in investigating offences and prosecuting or defending cases in courtrooms and tribunals. Our course is continually reviewed so you’ll always receive the most up-to-date guidance available.

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